Editorial styled wedding photographers based in Nashville

Frenzel Studios are Nashville wedding & lifestyle photographers, and are available for Orange County and worldwide destination weddings. All Images copyright Frenzel Studios. Please do not steal images; it's not nice!

ph i losophy

We believe that we have a unique vision for your day; we see your venue, your family, your emotions, and your story in a way that no one else does, offering high quality images, thoughtful day-of service, and good business practices. This is based on the maturity of our life experiences, ability to read people, moments, and situations, as well as our ability to recognize and retell your love story as you have experienced it....

Being photographed for 8+ hours on a wedding day is a new experience for most people and one of the typical comments we get from our couples is "I'm not that comfortable in front of the camera…" We completely understand, and our approach is to make your portrait time as relaxing as possible, gently guiding you in posing that will make you look your best and free you up to be yourselves.

Each couple has their own distinctions and while a beautiful pose will make you look great, the simple moments captured in between those poses are some of the most cherished- the dry inside joke that makes her laugh, the gentle ways you embrace, the flirty smiles, the simple way you look at each other that makes you feel loved; these are the moments that represent you in real life, and this is how we tell your story....